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Bus Program

We have comfortable buses which are handicap accessible, and there are many trip opportunities to take advantage of, for both the young and elderly.

Timothy Class

We are dedicated to training our young boys to use their talents to serve the Lord.  They learn and are given the confidence to lead public prayer, read Scripture, and prepare sermons.

Deaf Ministry

We are proud to be able to serve the hearing impaired by offering sign language during our Sunday worship service as well as our Wednesday evening bible study.

Spanish Outreach

We strive to model our worship after that of the First Century Christians we read about in our Bible.  Our goal is to be united in praise to our Lord, and so we are reaching out to the Spanish-speaking community by offering realtime translation of our services from English into Spanish via specialized listening devices which allow a participant to hear the services being translated into their own language by a live speaker.

Mission Works

We support works in Nigerian, Philippines, Belize and the Solomon Islands. They are good works and the name of Jesus is magnified through them.

Bible Class for Women

Every first and third Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. there is a Bible study just for the ladies that meets at the church building.  We enjoy coffee, fellowship, prayer, and devotional thoughts that help us learn more about how God would have us to live.  This class is on hold due to Covid.